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Medicinal Seed Kit Reviews – Does It Work? Nicole Apelian Garden Seed Kit Worth It?

Ever imagined having a backyard oasis of healing herbs and medicinal plants at your fingertips? Picture this: it’s the dead of night, you’re feeling under the weather, and all the stores are closed. What if you could just step into your garden, pluck nature’s remedy, and find relief instantly? It’s not just a fantasy; it’s the magic of cultivating your own pharmacy right at home.

But here’s the fascinating twist—these plants aren’t just for sickness emergencies. They’re like the versatile Swiss Army knives of health. Some soothe stress, others bring a dose of cheer, and a few even spice up your culinary adventures.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idea of starting your healing garden? Fear not; we’re about to delve deep into the art of growing your personal pharmacy. And here’s a tip: check out Nicole Apelian’s kit. It might just be the perfect introduction, especially if you’re new to this green journey. Get ready to unlock the secrets of your own green haven and embrace the world of natural wellness.

What Is a Medicinal Garden Kit?

Step into a realm of natural wellness with the Medicinal Garden Kit, a top-tier product designed to fortify your defense against common household ailments. Each kit comprises 10 meticulously curated packages, boasting a total of 2,409 seeds sourced exclusively from the USA.

What sets this kit apart? It’s the accessibility for everyone. No prior gardening experience? Not a problem. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a complete beginner, cultivating and maintaining these 10 plants is a breeze.

Your personal garden becomes a holistic remedy haven, eliminating the need for laboratory-tested medicines with potential harmful effects. The simplicity of this gardening kit is its charm. Clear instructions make it user-friendly, allowing even those with limited gardening experience to effortlessly nurture their green sanctuary. Join the chorus of users who applaud the simplicity and potency of the Medicinal Garden Kit, unlocking the path to natural well-being effortlessly.

Meet Nicole Apelian, the Genius Behind the Medicinal Garden Kit

Ever met someone who seems to have lived a multitude of lives in one? Well, Nicole Apelian is that extraordinary individual. She wears many hats – an herbalist, a mom, a survival skills instructor, and a biologist. Each title, like chapters on a library shelf, contributed to the creation of the Medicinal Garden Kit.

Here’s the kicker – Nicole’s knowledge isn’t just from books. She took it to the next level, immersing herself in the Kalahari Desert with the San Bushmen, one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Picture learning about plants from those who’ve been using them for centuries! These wise individuals don’t rely on pills; they harness the land’s gifts, with many living long, healthy lives without setting foot in a hospital.

Now, it gets personal. At 29, Nicole faced a daunting diagnosis – Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Instead of surrendering, she became her own guinea pig, experimenting with natural remedies to manage MS. And where does she find these remedies? In her backyard, her own little health haven that has been working wonders for her.

This journey led her to create the Medicinal Garden Kit. Nicole didn’t hoard this garden wisdom for herself; she wants us to take the wheel of our health journey too. With her kit, she’s essentially handing us the keys and saying, “Here, take it for a spin!” Join Nicole on this unique ride towards wellness, crafted from her wealth of life experiences and dedication to natural healing.

How does Medicinal Garden Kit work? 

  • Preparedness in Uncertainty:

Dive into preparedness with the Medicinal Garden Kit. Some customers are stocking up with three or more kits, utilizing one today and stashing the extras for uncertain times, ensuring a continuous source of herbal goodness.

  • Herbal Tea Haven:

For tea enthusiasts, the Medicinal Garden Kit is a dream come true. Cultivate non-GMO Peppermint, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, and Lavender herb seeds for a delightful indoor herb garden, creating the perfect blend for your herbal tea fix.

  • Countertop Indoor Garden Magic:

Who says growing herbs is limited to the backyard? This kit transforms your kitchen countertop into an indoor garden haven. Learn the art of using reusable pots, a grow box, plant markers, soil pods, soil discs, and LED lights to nurture your herbs indoors.

  • Guided Growing Community:

Receive expert growing support with this herb kit, granting instant membership to a community of like-minded individuals with shared health goals and mindsets. Connect, share experiences, and learn from others on the same herbal journey.

  • Gift of Greenery:

Looking for a unique gift idea? The Medicinal Garden Kit is not just a herbal haven; it’s a thoughtful present for friends or family who adore gardening. It’s also an ideal starting point for beginners eager to explore and embrace a new hobby.

Benefits of a Medicinal Garden Kit:

Effortless Accessibility:

Unlock the ease of cultivating your indoor herb garden with the Medicinal Indoor Herb Garden Kit. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a complete novice, this kit ensures effortless access to instant pain relief and emergency remedies, making herbal gardening a breeze.

Empowering Health Ownership:

Crafted for empowerment, the Medicinal Indoor Herb Garden Kit encourages individuals to seize control of their health. No green thumb required—just a persistent desire to delve into the world of herbal gardening and take charge of your well-being.

Promotes Natural Healing:

Experience the healing touch of nature with carefully curated medicinal herbs. Each herb and seed in the kit is meticulously selected to promote natural healing and positive effects on the human body, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.

Therapeutic Engagement:

Indulge in the therapeutic joy of a new hobby—growing herbs and planting seeds. Beyond having a ready pharmacy in your backyard, this experience becomes a journey of self-discovery, where you not only nurture your herb garden but also acquire valuable techniques for your herbal sanctuary.

The 10 Medicinal Plants in the Kit

1. Chicory – Pain Relief Powerhouse:

Chicory stands as a robust painkiller and anti-inflammatory agent, offering relief from arthritis, headaches, and menstrual cramps. Whether sipped as a tea or applied topically as a salve, chicory is a versatile remedy for localized pain.

2. Yarrow – Wound-Healing Wonder:

Renowned for its wound-healing prowess, yarrow halts bleeding, prevents infection, and aids in the healing of cuts, scrapes, and ulcers. Utilize it as an infused oil or as a poultice for external applications.

3. California Poppy – Relaxation Elixir:

Embrace the calming effects of California Poppy, a plant that eases anxiety and promotes restful sleep. Whether consumed as a tea or tincture, it’s a natural stress-reliever enhancing overall well-being.

4. Marshmallow – Soothing Support:

Marshmallow provides soothing relief for digestive issues and respiratory ailments. From alleviating inflammation in the digestive tract to addressing acid reflux, marshmallow, as a tea or salve, becomes a go-to remedy.

5. Chamomile – Serenity Infusion:

Chamomile, a calming herb, aids in sleep, anxiety, and digestive problems. Whether sipped as a tea or applied topically, it serves as a compress to soothe skin irritations.

6. Evening Primrose – Hormone Harmony:

Evening Primrose, with its hormone-balancing properties, supports skin health, hormonal balance, and menopause symptoms. Applied topically or consumed as a supplement, it addresses a spectrum of health needs.

7. Lavender – Aromatic Stress Relief:

Lavender, an aromatic herb, aids in stress reduction, headaches, and skin conditions. Whether in essential oil form for aromatherapy or topically applied, lavender is a powerhouse for relaxation.

8. Echinacea – Immune-Boosting Warrior:

Echinacea, a potent immune booster, aids in preventing and treating colds, flu, and respiratory infections. Whether sipped as a tea or taken as a tincture, it fortifies immune function.

9. Calendula – Healing Touch:

Calendula, a healing plant, soothes skin irritations, wounds, and inflammation. Applied as an infused oil or salve, it’s a skincare ally promoting overall skin health.

10. Feverfew – Migraine Relief Marvel:

Feverfew, a natural remedy for migraines and headaches, possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Whether consumed as a tea or taken as a tincture, it provides relief from pain and inflammation.

How Much Does The Medicinal Garden Kit Cost?

Unlock the secrets of natural healing with the Medicinal Garden Kit, exclusively available on the official website. You won’t find it on other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay. Priced at $59 with a nominal shipping fee of $4.99, each kit is a treasure trove of high-quality seeds, carefully curated for your well-being. 

But that’s not all – your journey into herbal mastery comes with a Free Medicinal Guide. This guide is your key to cultivating, nurturing, and harnessing the health benefits of these plants. From planting the seeds to reaping the harvest, the guide is your companion on the path to a healthier and more self-sufficient lifestyle. Embrace the power of nature, available only through the official Medicinal Garden Kit website.


The Medicinal Garden Kit is not just a kit; it’s a journey into a thriving garden of well-being. Unwrapping this kit unveils the seeds of 10 essential herbs, not only addressing common health ailments but also nurturing the very soil they grow in. What sets this kit apart is the holistic learning experience—from witnessing each seed’s growth to crafting the finished products like tinctures, oils, and salves. It’s more than a garden; it’s a knowledge-rich expedition.

Embark on a unique opportunity with The Medicinal Garden Kit, creating a natural pharmacy right in your backyard. With carefully selected medicinal plants, you gain the reins to your health and well-being in a natural, cost-effective manner. Whether seeking pain relief, inflammation reduction, improved sleep, or immune support, this kit equips you with the tools for a healthier, self-sufficient life. It’s not just about planting seeds; it’s about cultivating a lifestyle rooted in nature’s healing embrace.

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