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Fungal nail infections, prevalent among middle-aged and older individuals, often affect those with compromised immunity. The indiscriminate nature of these infections perplexes experts, as they seem to target certain individuals while sparing others, evading any definitive explanation.

Kerassentials: What Is It?

Dealing with toenail fungus and brittle nails can be an unwelcome challenge, disrupting not just the appearance but also causing discomfort with itching and an unpleasant odor. Amidst these concerns, there’s a beacon of hope—introducing Kerassentials oil.

Crafted by medical experts, Kerassentials oil is a specially formulated blend designed to rejuvenate skin and nails. This unique concoction harnesses the potency of select oils renowned for their ability to combat fungus and nurture nail and skin health. Unlike conventional remedies, Kerassentials stands apart, crafted solely from 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts, rigorously tested and validated for their effectiveness.

The application of Kerassentials is a breeze—just a few drops on the affected nail and let the oil work its magic. This fungus fighter is not just non-GMO but also free from stimulants, ensuring its safety for all users.

Produced in the USA within FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities, Kerassentials assures a top-tier product that’s both safe and efficacious. With Kerassentials oil as your ally, bid farewell to nail fungus and brittle nails, welcoming a future adorned with healthy, beautiful nails and skin.

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How Does It Work?

Enter Kerassentials oil, a meticulously crafted blend curated by medical experts, laser-focused on eradicating the root cause of toenail fungus and banishing foul odors at their core.

Sometimes, toenail infections can occur, prompting the use of medications to combat the fungus. However, if treatment isn’t sustained for an adequate duration, the fungus might adapt and grow stronger, developing resistance against conventional remedies.

Enter the realm of antifungal resistance—an uphill battle where previously effective medications falter against the fortified fungus. It’s a challenge Kerassentials oil steps in to confront, aiding the body in combatting this resistant strain, a hurdle that often complicates complete fungus eradication.

The alchemy behind Kerassentials oil’s efficacy lies in its distinctive fusion of oils, meticulously chosen for their potent antifungal and antibacterial qualities. Upon application to the affected area, this oil delves deep into the nail bed, engaging the fungus at its core. Unlike superficial treatments, Kerassentials oil doesn’t merely skim the surface—it’s a direct assault on the infection’s origin.

Beyond its robust antifungal prowess, Kerassentials oil also excels at combating foul odors and enhancing the overall health and aesthetic appeal of nails and skin. By nurturing healthy skin and nail growth, this product heralds the revival of your nails’ innate beauty, bidding farewell to any lingering embarrassment caused by odorous concerns.

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Kerassentials Ingredients And Their Benefits

Within the proprietary blend of Kerassentials lies a careful curation of natural ingredients, meticulously selected to combat brittle nails and thwart toenail fungus. This specialized formula harnesses the power of four distinct high-quality natural oils and nine other essential oils and minerals, each playing a crucial role in addressing fungal infections. Let’s delve into the detailed breakdown of Kerassentials’ potent ingredients:

Lemongrass Oil: Originating from tropical regions like Southeast Asia and Africa, Lemongrass oil not only boasts a refreshing citrusy scent but also harbors antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It battles toenail fungus, fights infections, and acts as a natural deodorizer, ensuring healthy skin.

Aloe Vera Gel: Extracted from the aloe vera plant’s leaves, this gel is an ancient remedy revered for its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Renowned for its ability to soothe and hydrate dry, irritated skin, it tackles inflammation caused by toenail fungus and promotes better nail health.

Isopropyl Palmitate: A synthetic derived from palm oil and animal fats, Isopropyl Palmitate is a skincare staple. Its moisturizing properties soften the skin, facilitating the penetration of active ingredients to target the infected area effectively.

DL-alpha-Tocopherol: Better known as Vitamin E, this fat-soluble vitamin protects the skin from free radicals, enhances skin texture, and reinforces nail keratin. It aids in reducing redness and inflammation caused by toenail fungus while preserving skin health.

Organic Flaxseed Oil: Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, Organic Flaxseed Oil nurtures skin, hair, and nails. Abundant in antioxidants, it soothes itchiness, lessens inflammation, fosters healthy nail growth, and enhances nail strength and appearance.

Lavender Oil: Distilled from lavender flowers, this essential oil soothes and fights toenail fungus and bacterial infections. Its pleasant aroma acts as a natural deodorizer while its antibacterial properties aid in reducing inflammation.

Tea Tree Oil: Hailing from Australia, Tea Tree Oil is celebrated for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory attributes, making it a potent remedy for various skin conditions, including toenail fungus. It helps alleviate irritation and accelerates skin and nail health.

Almond Oil: Derived from almond tree seeds, Almond Oil’s rich vitamin content makes it an excellent moisturizer, soothing dry skin, and supporting healthy nails. It diminishes inflammation, fortifies nails, and safeguards skin against free radical damage.

Clove Bud Oil: Known for its antifungal properties, Clove Bud Oil combats toenail infections, alleviates inflammation, and enhances circulation, crucial for overall skin and nail health.

Manuka Oil: Native to New Zealand, Manuka Oil boasts robust antibacterial and antifungal properties. It tackles fungal growth, reduces inflammation, and revitalizes skin. Its moisturizing traits improve skin texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Undecylenic Acid: Derived from castor oil, Undecylenic Acid battles bacteria and fungus, warding off toenail infections. It supports skin exfoliation, promoting healthy skin regeneration.

In Kerassentials, each ingredient is a crucial player, harmonizing to combat toenail fungus, alleviate inflammation, and rejuvenate skin and nail health.

Usage Direction

The Kerassentials Nail Fungus Eliminator stands as a potent remedy, dedicated to eradicating resilient nail fungus. Its application is an effortless endeavor, requiring just a few minutes each day. For optimal usage, apply this eliminator four times daily—twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. The enclosed brush applicator ensures comprehensive coverage of all affected areas, while a cotton swab can aid in penetrating the nail cuticles, targeting the fungus at its root. For enhanced efficacy, gently file the nail surface with an emery board before application. This preparatory step clears away dead skin cells and debris, facilitating deeper oil absorption into the nail bed. Not only does this improve oil absorption efficiency, but it also curtails the fungus’s potential spread to other areas.

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What Does Science Say About Kerassentials?

Although the scientific data supporting the effects of Kerassentials may not be readily accessible, the product harnesses a lineup of ingredients extensively researched and recognized for their benefits to nails and skin.

Kerassentials integrates natural ingredients, thoroughly investigated and backed by several clinical trials featured on its official website. A notable component, Vitamin E, was the focus of a 2020 study examining the potential of an oil formulation enriched with Vitamin E and essential oils to combat Distal Subungual Onychomycosis.

The study suggests that this topical antifungal oil, infused with Vitamin E and essential oils, presents a promising and secure therapy for Onychomycosis, offering potential efficacy in treating nail fungus.

Almond oil, a potent ingredient within Kerassentials, boasts anti-inflammatory properties and aids in skin barrier restoration, as per clinical studies. These oils exhibit antioxidant effects and expedite wound healing, with topical almond oil application recommended for alleviating skin irritation and striae prevention.

Tea Tree oil, another powerhouse in Kerassentials, exhibits potential in treating toenail fungus and nurturing overall nail and skin health. A scientific trial explored Tea Tree Oil’s effects on Onychomycosis, revealing its efficacy in treating the infection without adverse effects.

Lavender Oil, an integral part of Kerassentials, is acclaimed for protecting nail keratin and fighting fungal infections, among other health benefits. A 2015 scientific trial spotlighted Lavender Oil’s antifungal and antiseptic properties against Candida albicans, showcasing potential in treating toenail fungus.

Aloe Vera gel, a formidable Kerassentials ingredient, flaunts strong antifungal properties and soothes irritated skin and nails. A 2017 clinical trial demonstrated Aloe vera’s significant antifungal effects, making it a potent agent against pathogenic otomycosis species.

Furthermore, a 2015 clinical trial explored the benefits of flaxseed oil rich in acids and lignans, suggesting its potential in treating nail problems and skin infections, potentially serving as a natural remedy to enhance nail and skin health.

While Kerassentials’ ingredients show promise in bolstering skin and nail health, customers might seek additional confidence in the formula through the presentation of a third-party clinical trial report.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Kerassentials


Kerassentials stands as a naturally derived solution targeting toenail fungus and related skin and nail fungal concerns. The formula dives deep to address the root cause of affected nails while combating antifungal resistance, assuring a comprehensive approach to healing.

Produced in an FDA-approved facility adhering to stringent good manufacturing practices, Kerassentials prides itself on clinically tested and proven ingredients. Its ease of application and absence of side effects make it a hassle-free remedy, fostering confidence among users.

Boasting inspiring reviews, Kerassentials garners acclaim for ushering in holistic improvements in both skin and nail health. Further sweetening the deal, the product offers a shipping-free experience alongside enticing discount deals. With a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, users can tread confidently on their healing journey.

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However, Kerassentials lacks testing in third-party clinical trials, potentially leaving some seeking external validation of its efficacy. Additionally, while effective for many, severe cases of nail fungus may pose challenges for this formula’s treatment efficacy.


We want to emphasize that any information shared here should not replace the advice of a licensed healthcare provider or certified financial advisor. It’s crucial to consult with a professional physician or financial consultant, especially if you’re on medication or have specific concerns related to the details provided in the review above. Results can vary individually, and it’s important to note that the statements about these products haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or Health Canada. The effectiveness of these products hasn’t been confirmed through FDA or Health Canada approved research. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, nor do they offer any guaranteed financial outcomes. Please note, pricing inaccuracies might occur, so refer to the product sales page for final prices.

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